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Areas covered; Waltham Abbey,Waltham cross Cheshunt, Broxbourne, Ware, Hodderston, Epping & Nazing

Please email or use the facebook page to message me and I shall return your message as soon as possible. Phone calls cannot be taken during client appointments during the day. It is advised that you book in advance,

 At peak times you may need 2 or more weeks notice.

​Please be aware that some treatments require a patch test before treatment.

Bookings currently closed for new clients until September due to over subscription.

​​​​Kitty's                Mobile               Beauty


A fully mobile professional beauty service that brings the salon to your home.

Kitty's ethos is to bring the very best products, naturally derived,to you.

I am hollisticly trained and believe in enhancing your natural beauty. every service i provide I have tried and tested myself.

The home spa can fit around you and bring you the professional quality without leaving your home.

Opening hours


Tuesday 9.30-8pm

Wednesday 9.30-6pm

Thursday 9.30-8pm

Friday 9.30-6pm

Saturday 9.30-5pm


Bank holidays-CLOSED